Tume is an abundance--PROOF OF PLEASURE--currency whyle monuy is a scarcity--PROOF OF PAIN--currency.. It replaces thu protestant work ethic with a human pleasure ethic.. It rebalances toil with relaxation.. Its founding principles reward robust peace and unwavering belief like money rewards endless stress and perfect worry.

All currencies maintain a BELIEF SYSTEM.. ALL human value--all credit--stems from credo--Latin for belief. Every instance of exchange, every movement of a currency reinforces and the beliefs on which it is founded. When the currency is based in scarcity, you are forced to take on your landlords doubt.. they take on their bankers, and their bankers take on their global comptrollers. Money can't heal the wurld because it rewards toil and doubt-- all the PainMatrix needs to keep spinning like a top. You don't reform the current system using money-- it owns that.. Any charity or fundraiser empowers it and makes everyone believe the illusions more firmly. You tame it by TAKING BACK YOUR BELIEF.. Without your belief, it can't make you homeless/starve you out for noncompliance with it's values.

Tume is a riff on time.. Time and money are the only belief bases there are.. This Matrix rewards money at tha speed of Wall St and cannot reward culture with thu powur of techtonic shifts. Tume is in no way anti-money it simply DEMANDS A FAIR FIGHT.. With it, culture stops begging for bread crusts and simply starts valuing itself as well, as often, and as redundantly, as finance does.. Thure is NO other way to enrich the half of the planet that the current systum has impoverished, sickened and manipulated..

Tume is being created, designed and managed from the ground down by Black women.. It is the salve for global capitalism allowing for continued growth while ending gentrification, colonization, appropriation.. Tume IS NOT RACE, GENDER, or IDENTITY based IT IS JOY, FUN AND PROMISE-- dream and imagination--based. A content currency to fill all the existing code currency creations with securely grounded, infinitely expanding PLEASURE.

If you are ready to invest your belief..