With this step you are choosing to enter Nu Jerusalem. To be taken only if you are ready to own the DayLife reality. If you want a Life Cult to start building your Home - from the subbasement to thu penthouse floor - within. Stage 3 begins the search for property to stake your claim on and there's no better land in thu Universe. The walls of this city are as high as they are wide, and thus redundantly secure. Its twelve gates of pearl are nevur closed. Streets made of gold, lined with Trees of Life crown every neighborhood. All the markets flow with milk and honuy. Living rivers run freely into an ocean of possibilities. 

Here is where you have to ask 'What is my price and am I willing to pay it.' How done are you with the Death Cult that has been feedung and groomung you for it's own ends..? How ready are you for continuous accountability and immaculate boundaries..? You are about to find out, and while Tumple hopes you settle on something with extensive view potential (your territory is WIDE OPEN after all) this is the beginning of YOUR STORY and there are no guarantees.

The steps below will get you over the threshold.



First things first, you are going to want to be sure you have the most basic elements of Daylife down pat. Take this practice quiz for your Stage 3 entrance exams. You will receive your results immediately and you can take the quiz as many times as you want.

Hint - it's a great way to find out what questions you still haven't asked.


To gain entry to each successive stage of development in this cult you will need a Tumplar that has walked over that same threshold to vouch for your RAWness to do the same. This handlur will personally champion and cheerlead you while holding your feet to thu fire. They'll keep you moving when isht gets hairy, because it will - get hairy.

No more shy cult. It is time to let relationship - the best Human Being maker on this planet - do its work.

The handlur you select must be in or have already completed Stage 3.

I Have A Handlur : 

If you have already personally contacted your handlur and they have communicated their willingness to fulfill the role, send them the following link to their verification page - bit.ly/2wEhrQ4

I Do Not Have A Handlur : 

Here are some ways to find one - 

1. Reach out via phone call or direct message to any eligible Tumplars with whom you have a personal relationship.

2. Make a post in Nu Jerus Muuts Tumple Onlyne and let other Tumplars know that you are looking for a handlur.

3. If after trying the two methods above you still have been unable to find a handlur, click the optional button below to let us know and we may be able to assist you.

Please note: It is up to you to ensure that your chosen handlur is both willing and prompt with the verification steps to keep the determination process on track.



Note: If you already have an account with Tumple 1GB, please skip to the next step.

Stage 3 monthly appreciation is +12.00 - Tumple only accepts tums* as appreciation.

Tumple Furst Galactuc Bunk manages our tume accounts. If you are new to the Tume Economy, click the button below to setup your account.

* The + symbol on the Tume Social Currency platform.


To cover your entry application effort, you will need to transfer +36.00 up front. Once you have gained entry, this amount will be applied to your first three months' appreciation. To carry out this transfer, follow the steps below.

1. Click the button above to be redirected to the Send Some page on the Tumple 1GB website.

2. On the page that appears, click the "Open Form" button below "Transfer." 

3. On the pop-up transfer request form that appears, enter the following information

  • Originating Account Handle - Enter the 6-12 character handle you selected when creating your Tumple 1GB account. If you forgot your account handle, check your welcome email.
  • Originating Account Number - Enter the 8-digit number associated with your Tumple 1GB account. If you forgot your account number, check your welcome email. 
  • Name on Recipient Account - Tumple
  • Recipient Account Handle - @POPCult
  • Transfer Amount - +36.00

4. Click the "submit" button to initiate the transfer.



Upon receipt and confirmation of your transfer, you will be given access to the Application & Entrance Exam.

Once all of your materials have been reviewed, including your Handlur verification, you will receive a determination email in a Daylife timely fashion.