DayLife Standurds

DayLife is about desyre first and work second.. Every cycle starts and finishes with Pleasure, the required work being completed somewhere in between. It is a comprehensive flip of the cycles constructed by this PainMatrix--it's vacation first, business later.

DayLife removes the products and events that nightlife uses as repositories of emotion and feeling.. It removes the alcohol and drugs, the dark nightclubs and tired workers seeking a quick fix.. It removes the desperation, the cooler than thou and the low/no pay that global capital has used to keep culture cheap/poor..

You don't want to sing the blues Saturday night--you want to live the pinks Monday morning.. 

DayLife revels in relationship and the facilitation of equal ones. Desyre with warmth, vulnerability and relaxation.. Products are only as exciting as relationships are strong.. Aesthetics tell everyone about ones relationship with oneself.. DayLife puts first things first, focusing on feeling the way you want and seeing if perfect products are not the natural result. Wake up and watch a movie in bed.. Call your favorite person and discuss your cult, who might join, what you may do, where it might go. 

Emotional responsibility first (feel the way you want) financial responsibility second (have the stuff you want)

Live dangerously and enjoy yourself..

+ Spiritual


Understand consumption is holy and the deification of productiun is your current evil..


There is nothing but belief

Give credit when you steal ideas, keep your best sources well fed

Stand up without arrogance

Relax without insecurity

Ruthlessly examine your story--from conception to this moment what's yours what is not..? What are the truths, what are lies..? WHERE HAVE YOU ALLOWED MIND CONTROL?


Where do you seek to diminish and destroy others because their happiness/success would threaten your stabiluty (or your chaos)..

Why do you hate the people you love.. Why do you love the people you hate..

What is your devul trying to teach you

What is your gawd trying to let you forget

Why are you afraid..

Why don't you speak your truth every moment.. To every person in every situatiun.

How does your fear keep friends, partners and dreams away.. Why do you work to keep yourself small and insignificant

What are your sins of omission.. How much larger are these than yr sins of commission.. Why do you rely on these.

Are you afraid of what others think of you..

Are you afraid to be stupid, to be wrong..

Has smart and right made you happy..

Are you dying to be included or are you living to include others..

What are your requirements..?

Dont worry, no one's brain is washed overnight.

+ Relationul

Equal relationships are what DayLife exists to serve. The methods for creating such are foreign to your current experience of disordered love for yourself. They are foreign to the tenuous bonds of affection you have been trained to call love for others.

This PainMatrix is fed through the maintenance of power differentials. When it does seek relationship it seeks to commodify them, to finish them, turn them into a product that does not change, cannot grow and never dies.

Because of this the following standards will oft read as the complete opposite of the relational data you have been previously fed. Take your time, test and measure your results.

Success looks like a joyful stable present and centered Human Being holding Sovereign and individual with ease while in complete, constant and ever evolving connection to whomever they chose.

1 - Desyre above all else

Obligation has no place here

Repeat your desyres and positive preferences to yourself over and over again until you believe them

Find others you can trust and repeat your Desyres and positive preferences over and over again until you both believe them

Build community around your shared Desyres positive preferences and feelings

DON'T build community around products, plans, events, substances, traumas, dislikes

2 - Vulnerability is your only Grace

Seeking attention without vulnerability is a manipulation

Meet vulnerability with vulnerability

Meet invulnerability with all of your power and ability

Stay aware of micro manipulations - how your interactions begin and how they end

Kiss converse commune and cavort without becoming Victim or Perp

Ignore those that ignore you, receive those that seek you

3 - Accountability is your only safety

Mysticism is a trap

Take FULL and continuous responsibility for all of your words, actions, and emotions

Remain present and honest in all of your spoken and unspoken agreements with yourself and others

Avoid triangulation, don't make your life about others, stay boring

Be clear about your needs and wants and leave strategies for their fulfillment alone

Enjoy The Return in every cycle, get your treasures home and integrated before you start the next adventure

+ Aesthetics

Share simply who and boringly what you are today.. It's always enough.. DayLife deweaponizes culture and aesthetics. Remove glamour and hypnotic desires; include relaxation and True Desyres. Remove spectacle; include relationship..

No smokescreens - cigarettes, blunts, vape, huka

No alcohol

No drugs

No distortion filters

No jewel tones

No Black & White

No retro styling or styles

No analog content

No poetry

No graphic violence or gore

No glorification of pain or suffering

No infantilization

No children + adult sexuality

No hiding


Mask Free

Soft Wurk

Digital Output

Minimal Editing

Spoken over written

Immediate, clear, appreciative, solid, basic

Tweets, Selfies, Live streams

Spectacle free performance


Soft and FLUFFY--moods and vibe

Rounded and Soft --production values

White Boxes--modern architecture and interiors

Transparent and Quiet--floor to ceiling windows

Premium Basics--high quality products

+ Language

Language is a spell, written language a permanent one. While the oral tradition remains mutable, changeable and ever evolving, the written traditions seeks to codify and complete. To get free and stay free while continuing to communicate DayLife recommends vocabulation and learning to relax in your grammar and spell-ing.

Unglish is an example of such a method.

Unglish is achieved by replacing the vowels in a word with the letter 'u' and less often the letter 'y'. If the word contains multiple vowels the final one is most often changed.

The spelling of names (of people and places) are never changed in Unglish.

If the MEANING of the word is changed through the substitution of the vowels it will remain standard. (Ex: come or can't)

Some words have an entirely new meaning inside of Unglish which means that they will always be spelled this way regardless of the writer's base language. (Tumple, Whyte, sux-c, etc.)

Why 'u'? 'U' is an open vowel. A container waiting to be filled it has the effect of turning your words into stations for listening. Doubling down on the vulnerability of vowels and the potential to reveal yourself through your words even though they are written not spoken. 'U's can be fallen into by the writer and the reader.

+ Lifestyle

The focus of DayLife is always the individual without costuming, without artifice, without clutter. Stop obsessing over the style of frame and get into BEING ART. Strip away, strip away and strip away some more. Stop spending your energy hiding and use your new relationul standurds to set boundaries where you need them and to be honest where you are most afraid to be. Trust that you are ugly and toxic when you are busy and masked. Be confident that you are radiant and beautiful when you are visible and available.

DayLife living starts every cycle with what you want, with your pleasure, and gets around to the required obligations, your work, by the end. And still never fear the work required. A Pleasure based existence depends on a clean foundation.. on dishwashing, on showers, on laundry. Upholding physical standurds is essential and you won't believe how much they have to do with how you feel until you Believe. This means the strainer in your sink is always clean and you don't fall apart during lent. It means you are just as excited to come home from the party alone as you were to head out with friends.

Prepare for enlightenment.. let it happen.

Wear white and light colors

Make white your foundation -- cars, clothes, furniture, walls, sheets, shoes, bags, belts, hats, glasses, accessories

Make unscented your rule -- soap, deodorant, lotions, oils, detergents, cleaning products, decorative items

Clean your spaces -- floss and brush your teeth, use a washcloth when you shower, do your laundry and wear clean clothes, dust

Stay well groomed

Use clean water--reverse osmosis for drinking and cooking; filtered for bathing and cleaning

Go digitul--get rid of your physical books, papers and junk. Release your analog dependence

Sobriety will enhance your reality distortion field

No smoking or vaping

No alcohol

No rugs

No domestic captive animals (pets of any kind)

No scents (oils, perfume, cologne, body spray, dryer sheets, laundry detergent, air fresheners, candles or incense)

No wool, silk, down or leather (wearable animal products)

No fluoride (water, toothpaste or mouthwash)

No indoor smoke

No hyper-toxic food additives

No toxic cleaning products (use bleach sparingly)

No thrift, vintage, second hand items or horcruxes

No mold, mildew, dust or rot in your food, household appliances or living spaces